RAB Hoodie - Mintz

RAB Hoodie - Mintz
RAB Hoodie - Mintz
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  • Hoodie with matching drawstrings
  • Kangaroo pocket
  • Machine wash cold
  • Delicate dry or hang dry 
  • This item is final sale, no return or exchanges 

Exclusively at High Season Downtown

MINTZ: Making Mouths and Minds Happy

At High Season, we’re passionate about working with cannabis strains and sharing our best strains with you. Every year, we breed 300 strains to find ideal combinations for both taste buds and minds. Our newest offering is just that.


This indica-dominant hybrid has a refreshing mint taste and a creamy finish. MINTZ is a beautifully dense nug, a visual treat covered in frosty trichomes. Expect a blissful high that leaves you carefree—the ultimate afternoon delight. MINTZ is excellent for binge-watching mindless movies with your friends and or just recuperating from your day.

MINTZ effects:

  • Bliss
  • Sleep
  • Carefree


All of our High Season flower is grown indoors under precise conditions, and MINTZ is no exception. Cultivating our plants inside gives us a lot of control, which means we can better ensure that the end product will meet our exacting standards.

Not only did we breed MINTZ to be the powerhouse that it is, we’ve also carefully tended each individual plant from seed to harvest. We know it’s free of pesticides, metals, molds, and all of those other things that shouldn’t be on your buds.

Basically, we grow flower that we want to smoke ourselves—and we know you’ll love it too.


At High Season, we always test all of our cannabis so we know that it’s safe for sale. Plus, it lets us know exactly what’s in it. That way, you can more easily determine how a particular strain will affect you.

MINTZ is a high-THC strain—it’s been tested to have 25% THC, with .05% CBD. It’s also full of some of the most popular (and helpful) terpenes. (Terpenes help give your bud its characteristic aroma and taste and can have their own effects.) Moscato features δ-Limonene, β-Caryophyllene, linalool, α-Humulene, and both β-Pinene and α-Pinene.

  • Limonene: energizing, stress-relieving
  • Caryophyllene: anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective
  • Linalol: relaxing, stress reducer
  • Humulene: anti-inflammatory
  • Pinene: creativity, energizing

Thanks to its high THC content and it’s relaxing nature, MINTZ is perfect for when you want to commune with the couch, leave stress behind, or enjoy your favorite stoner flicks.

what to expect at a dispensary


This strain has a high percentage of THCA (28.4%), which can be beneficial for medical patients, especially when combined with caryophyllene.

THCA can help relieve inflammation, which is the root cause of a variety of conditions. Plus, it is neuroprotective. High THCA strains are generally recommended for patients with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Parkinson’s. Thanks to its associated high, MINTZ can also help ease pain.

When you try MINTZ for the first time, make sure to note how much you’re taking and its effects on you. That way, you can replicate or change your dose the next time to get your desired effects. Remember, cannabis affects us all differently. If you’re treating a particular condition or symptom, start with a low dose and see how you feel before working your way up to larger doses as necessary.


Ready to try this refreshing strain? Stop by High Season’s DTLA dispensary to grab some MINTZ today. Or better yet, simplify your life and order online. We’ll let you know when your order is ready for pickup.

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